So yesterday Nina and I went for a drive around the hood. The city is working in our area picking up branches left over from Irma. The more we get out the more we notice. Nina noticed a tree set atop a garage. Lots to clean up . At first I didn’t notice the mess Irma made in our hood. As people started bringing their broken branches out to the street from their yard the damage was evident. I feel for them people. When we was in the hospital where we took shelter all we thought about what we would come home to. We got lucky . A broken fence and a few branches. A good neighbor propped up our north fence and our neighbor to the right rigged the back fence for safety. We thank them for their good hearts. I want to get out and drive around and take some photos. When I do I’ll post them. So this Sunday morning Nina and I are kicking back and listening to the blues. I hope the hurricane didn’t do any damage. Good luck to the states that are getting hit. We thought about moving but when we looked around the country we keep coming back to we love Florida. The closest we come to moving is getting a trailer and go for a ride around the country. Thanks for your time and reading my little rant. One day I’ll get back to my radio show and hope you all will join me live on Artstarzz Just My Opinion.