Just my thoughts.

Okay what I’m going to do. Yes I’m going to broadcast my speech to text so that’s what you’re seeing on the screen could be that I have to adjust my Green here little bit so let me do that my little helper messes up a what the hell I’m talking it’s doing all the works Valley and then trying to figure out what I’m saying okay now we’re back to writing sometimes I’ll do some punctuation but I’m just happy that my little friend I’ll call it my little friend is spelling everything right I feel like Stephen Hawkins Jeff City misspelled Stephen Hawking’s right hand if I say. It puts a period or it writes it. But anyway this is a nice little tool and what I’m going to do since it doesn’t take any time minute doesn’t erase our move after a certain amount of time I am going to look around and maybe this would be a good time to have a third screen when you’re doing something like this this is because it has to type and has to know where it’s typing so as you read this blog because this is going to be my my new blog as you read this don’t be alarmed to see that there is not very much punctuation maybe there’s a way to teach this little app to automatically know where punctuation goes. You can do that real cooling and it’ll do that but you know it won’t back up just keeps going forward and writing whatever you’re saying and of course I’m broadcasting that along with zero audio yeah I’m not getting any audio on this for some reason I probably got to set all that up looks like it’s cutting some of it off hello and sometimes you can’t talk too fast got it slowed down a little bit so can pick it up that’s Mike microphone there okay so since I don’t need all of this paddle appeared watch it sometimes my microphone just turns off so the words that I right in the middle of a sentence but I can at least explain that to you and and sometimes the words get a little jumbled but as I go on and asses blog blog grows I’ll get some of this stuff straightened out because I know how frustrating it can be for you professional readers to see all this stuff for no punctuation so let me see if I can find a window and talk about it okay I got it and okay so I’m going to get ready to Open up my Facebook and I’ll talk about that at the half to watch out because sometimes this little microphone just turns off if you leave the page so I’m in training I’ll get a ride I can tell you I’ve never written this many words probably in all the time I’ve been on the Internet if this makes it so easy to write a book I could see people using this to write books yeah I don’t think I’ll be erasing my my first day I am getting the hang of this . o Yvonne and Tokyo one are on. Mina put a nice little pot on Facebook. and it it looks like it pulls out in becomes bigger I don’t know if it’s a trainer maybe the wheels are hid underneath. Facebook up been here but there it is. Soundlike I say this is going to take some getting used to. And I guess I can now erase this other page down here. So what happened I didn’t know it would happen was that word press we’ll save a draft if something happens it’s automatically saving it as you’re typing or talking in my case but it’s it’s a pretty cool system either way it all depends on whether you want to get used to it and learn something new that’s what I think so again we will try I did that backwards well I’m getting just keep trying to get used to this and there we go over back on the screen headed looks like some words are cut off but I’ll keep working on this till I get this centered and maybe it centered in on the channel because what I’m looking at here is I’m looking at where I’m typing are where this microphone is typing and I’m also looking up at producer for you street so I’m honored her into screens and I’m getting ready to monitor three screens and hope