Testing Dictator

Testing dictator this is just a short little test about the function that I have on my Mac two great little feature it Doesn’t automatically punctuate but it writes really good so you’ll have to excuse my punctuation maybe if I just drop a period in there. Like That I can punctuate myself Great little feature I think I’ll laugh made this post on since it’s so easy to do this is really great if you have a Mac I recommend you find dysfunction I’ve seen year System preference for the Mac and then just ask where you can find just turn it on pressed command twice right command twice Banana start working its it’s great but it will work in every place but it works in Word press and like I said the punctuation is a different story it does give you the option to check your spelling mostly this is quite F function but it’s still a great job psyche just sit here and talk and if you have a headset on which I’m a put on pretty quick and there’s a lot of stuff that’s underlined
And now it seems to be erasing the words as it types and and they’re goes there goes working again so now this paragraph or whatever it is is not that correcting the grammar or punctuation dictator works pretty good so I’ve yeah again I think I’ll leave this on and then I’m going to start talking in my blo lack of punctuation my spelling and sometimes it is to at least part of the word out